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Raymond E. Wilfong

This site was created back in the late 90's when I decided to get into web development.

Since then, I've used this site for various interests. Currently, I'm using it to practice my coding skills when I'm not too busy.

Ray the Inventor!

I also use this domain to manage my email accounts, and my online file storage (Gee! I've been storing files on the web for all these years, and never knew that I invented cloud storage!)

Ray the Creator!

When I was looking for work, I decided to spend a little time practicing some lesser-used skills. While at it, I threw together a code samples for your entertainment. Source code for each will be accessible on the respective page.

Ray the Benefactor!

  • iHaxGamez - Open source memory hacker for OS X
  • Mines Sample - Sample Mine Sweeper in JavaScript
  • More coming soon...